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wm series

wm series

Turbines Inc.

Accuracy of +/- 1% of rate
Temperature Application -100°F to +800°F
Repeatability of 0.1%

  • Line sizes 3/8″ to 10″
  • Flow rates from 0.3-5500 GPM (10-190,000)BPD
  • Pressure up to 3,700 psig


The WM Liquid Wafer Style Turbine flow meter is a highly-versatile product line that offers all stainless steel, precision-machined components with CD4MCu and/or 416 stainless steel rotors in line sizes from 3/8″ through 10.0″.

The WM Series turbine meters are designed specifically for installation between two raised‐face flanges and the robust design handles up to 6,000 PSI, depending on the selected meter and flange size.

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