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Guided Wave Radar

Tek-Flex 4100C

Tek-Flex 4100C

Level Transmitter


The Tek-Flex 4100C Programmable Two-Wire TDR Level Transmitter With Hart & Display liquid measurement in environment where there are volatile matters or vapors; able to adapt to environment with complex process and conditions.

High frequency microwave pulses travels along the detecting component (steel rope or rod) and reflects when reaching the product surface. The time from emission to reception is proportional to the distance between the surface and the reference plane on the instrument.


  • Wire-loop-powered level meter with HART
  • Measuring range up to 60′
  • Local display and push button programming
  • Probes and process connections are made of stainless steel
  • For process temperature up to 302˚F and pressure up to 580psig
  • Not affected foam, vapor or mist

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