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Differential Pressure

Tek-DP 1670A

Tek-DP 1670A

Flow meter


Tek-DP 1670A Segmental Wedge Flow Meters have no moving parts, making them virtually maintenance-free. They generally give repeatable readings in process flow applications. Therefore, Tek-DP 1670A Segmental Wedge Flow Meters can handle low flows using accurate transmitters, highly viscous flows, dirty or corrosive gas or liquid flows, and hot or cold flows with a small pressure loss


  • Unique diamond profile shape proven to offer good flow separation.
  • High flow turndown.
  • Stable flow co-efficient (K).
  • Diamond Bar design ensures optimum strength.
  • Low permanent pressure loss.
  • Multiport Averaging: Improved performance with asymmetric flow profiles.
  • Suitable for wide range of pipe sizes.
  • Allows insertion into pressurized pipes (Via a full port Valve and hot tap).
  • Eliminates imposed piping between the primary element and DP transmitter.

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