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Differential Pressure

Tek-DP 1650A

Tek-DP 1650A

Flow meter


The Tek-DP 1650A DProbar Multiport Self-Averaging Flow Meter functions as an obstruction that changes the cross-section of the flow of the liquid in the pipe or conduit. In a differential pressure flow meter, as the liquid passes through the obstruction, its potential energy is converted into kinetic energy. The velocity of the liquid increases and is accompanied by a simultaneous decrease in the pressure. When the liquid exits the obstruction, the velocity decreases, and the pressure increases again. These pressure drops generated across the obstacle are proportional to the flow rate square and calculated using Bernoulli’s equation.


  • Unique diamond profile shape proven to offer good flow separation.
  • High flow turndown.
  • Stable flow co-efficient (K).
  • Diamond Bar design ensures optimum strength.
  • Low permanent pressure loss.
  • Multiport Averaging: Improved performance with asymmetric flow profiles.
  • Suitable for wide range of pipe sizes.
  • Allows insertion into pressurized pipes (Via a full port Valve and hot tap).
  • Eliminates imposed piping between the primary element and DP transmitter.

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