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Multivariable Transmitter



Multivariable Transmitter


Tek-Bar 3800E Utilities/Non-Explosion Proof Multivariable Transmitter is based on the electronic components through the microprocessor, use the high-precision silicon sensor technology, a new intelligent high-precision transmitter, to achieve communication with field devices.

They are widely used in Petroleum, Chemical, Power, Metallurgy, Water, Brewing and other industrial fields, and have won the praise of users for a long time because of excellent quality and high quality after-sales service.


  • LCD dot matrix characters display, intuitive and convenient, simple and clear operation
  • With non-contact magnetic data set, without opening, all convenience;
  • Being equipped with a variety of differential pressure flow sensor (such as orifice, V-cone,
    Auba, elbow and other differential pressure sensor)
  • With temperature interface interchangeability. Being equipped with Pt100;
  • Measuring a wide range of media such as the steam, liquid, general gas;
  • Range ratio 1: 100 (special requirements can be 1: 200);

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