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Fixed Gas Detection

SEC Millenium Carbon Dioxide

SEC Millenium Carbon Dioxide

Gas Detector


The SEC MILLENIUM Infrared gas detector is a microprocessor based intelligent gas detector that
continuously monitors carbon dioxide gas vapors within the specified range. configurable. In addition, it adds features for controlling separate SEC Modbus 485 Relay modules, allowing a central.

The SEC MILLENIUM is ideally suited for use in harsh environments. The SEC MILLENIUM Infrared gas
detector will perform reliably in the presence of poisoning agents and can also operate in oxygen free
environments or where high background gas levels are present. There are no known poisons that affect this technology. coordinated command and control center for a given loop.


  • Requires no routine calibration to ensure proper operation.
  • Continuous self-test automatically indicates a fault, with fail to safe operation.
  • A multi-layered filtering system protects optics from dirt and water ingress.
  • Straight optical path eliminates the need for mirrors or reflective surfaces or beam splitters.
  • Performs well in the presence of high concentrations or constant background levels of carbon dioxide
    and in oxygen depleted atmospheres.
  • Highly resistant to poisoning and etching.
  • Standard 4 to 20 mA output (current source)

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