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Ultrasonic (Flow)



Flow Meter


The IS-6000 Dopplerstationary ultrasonic flow meter continuously measures the flow of water and wastewater in pressurized and partially filled pipes and in open channels with water depths from 1.5…80 in. (0.04…2 m).

As a standard, the flow meter consists of a transmitter and an ultrasonic area velocity sensor for combined velocity and water level measurement. Discharge is then calculated by multiplication of the average flow velocity and the wetted cross-sectional area.


  • Intuitive menu-driven user interface
  • Direct communication (WiFi) with measuring system
  • Automatic identification of measuring system via system-specific IP address
  • Status information of measuring system, alarm functions
  • Simple parameterization and commissioning of measuring system
  • Flexible graphical data visualization (for example real-time zoomable data and time series, data history, velocity profiles)
  • Data logging of incoming data and easy data transfer
  • Remote system diagnostics, service and maintenance

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