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Flow Meter


The Inline Liquid Flow Meter is a rugged industrial class inline flow rate indicator, offered in aluminum, brass or stainless steel models to monitor a wide variety of liquids. Available in seven port sizes from 1/4… 3 inches for flow ranges from 0.02…0.20 gpm (0.1…0.75 lpm) through 20…300 gpm (100…1100 lpm), the meters are calibrated at 0.876 specific gravity for oil or other petroleum-based fluids, 1.0 for water or other water-based fluids, or 1.18 for phosphate ester liquids.

The flow meter is equipped with a 360° rotatable guard/scale which allows the meter to be installed in any orientation without regard to scale direction. Once the meter is permanently installed, the guard/scale can be rotated 360° to optimize readability.

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