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Portable Gas Detection

Altair Single Detector

Altair Single Gas Detector

MSA’s ALTAIR Single-Gas Detector provides over two years of maintenance-free performance
(depending upon alarm minutes used). Long life, cost-effective single-gas detectors offer
outstanding dust and water protection and feature a distinctive triple alarm system. Two bright
LEDs and piercing audible alarm with standard vibrating alarm help to ensure that no alarm
condition goes unnoticed. Rubberized armor housing and one-button operation provide
durability and ease of use. Units will not deactivate after two years of operation; instead will
perform as long as battery capacity and sensor performance allow. Built-in calibration feature
enables users to potentially further extend instrument life. ALTAIR Single-Gas Detectors are
part of MSA’s ALTAIR Detector family of products.


  • 5 Factory-calibrated detector with warranted two-year service life (1080 alarm minutes)
  • 5 Maintenance-free; no sensor or battery changes necessary
  • 5 Easy bump check and built-in calibration feature
  • 5 Bump check confirmed with checkmark on instrument LCD, displayed for 24 hours
  • 5 High-capacity battery
  • 5 Event recorder stores 25 latest events automatically in instrument memory
  • 5 Built-in IR communications enables interface MSA LinkTM Software
  • 5 Built-in gas delivery adapter for gas response tests (no cal cap to lose)
  • 5 Rated to IP67 for dust and water ingress

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